We offer an initial SCREENING process that will form a baseline of current CO2 emissions and help prioritise actions to improve on this agenda:

  • Screening and CO2 baseline – Phase 1
  • Audit and Potential – Phase 2
  • Process and Product optimization – Phase 3
  • Business Re-engineering – Phase 4
  • Implementation – Phase 5
To create value our value proposition delivers on multiple levels to increase the performance of the individual company – ranging from optimizing costs and attract more business to document the process. It all starts with an individual SCREENING containing:

  1. Business Status
  2. CO2 Baseline Report
  3. Evaluation of the business potential
  4.  Recommendations 
  5. Next step 



On an individual basis certification, declarations and other methods to brand companies will have to be individually asessed and evaluated. There are numerous options and this will be discussed individually.