Sustainable Impact – Sustainable Competitiveness

For years we have worked with companies develop and grow their businesses and raise capital internationally to ensure turning business plans into actions, development and profitability.

The future demands improved sustainability and less CO2 emissions in the full supply chain. This is driving the need for manufacturing companies to improve their competitive advantage by taking action on the Green Agenda.


It is our mission to ensure that manufacturing companies are driven towards a carbon neutral or carbon positive process, ensuring a strong global competitive position, export growth employment and increased profitability for re-investments.

We work closely together with manufacturing companies in a structured and action-driven process, providing the individual company with

  • Methodology
  • Competence
  • Leadership
  • Action planning

We work with companies to achieve aggressive growth and internationalization by adding a structured process that will help meet lower CO2-emissions from manufacturing processes, improve product offerings and market positions – and through business re-engineering get better access to capital and financing. The target in Denmark the target is to reach a 70% C02- reduction in 2030 – the potential for Danish scope 3 companies is 3 mill tons.


Zero Carbon Industrial Competence will take responsibility of solving the full Zero Carbon competitive process.

We deliver TECHNICAL, COMMERCIAL and CAPITAL solutions within:

  • Data and CO2 documentation
  • Optimizing current business systems
  • Strategy and action planning
  • Business development 
  • Scale-up capital and financing
  • Growth and Internationalization
  • Capital and Financing


Our key clients within Scope3 manufacturing companies in Denmark, Scandinavia and North Europe are:

  • Manufacturers of industrial machinery and tools
  • Manufactures of components and building material for the building industry
  • Electrification systems for the transport and logistics industry
  • Suppliers of systems for regeneration and circular economy


We offer TECHNICAL and COMMERCIAL competencies and leadership including access to CAPITAL as a full-service advisory to Scope3 manufacturing companies including:

  • Measuring and documenting CO2 foot-print – to set actions to improve and lower emissions
  • Optimizing products, materials and processes – to drive better profitability to re-invest
  • Evaluating commercial opportunities – to plan for actions to drive growth and revenue
  • Driving business development via repositioning and new business systems – to strengthen the competitive advantage
  • Prepare accessibility to capital and growth funding – to ensure equity and liquidity

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