Sustainable Impact – Sustainable Competitiveness

Zero Carbon Industrial Competence is an advisory firm helping small and medium sized companies reach sustainable competitiveness through green optimization. Zero Carbon was established in 2021 when teaming up with NIRAS and CompanyCapital – a financial investment banking firm and platform.

NIRAS is one of the largest providers in Denmark on projects related to climate optimazation and accounting and has leasing expertise in the UN SDGs. NIRAS is located with head offices in Alleroed north of Copenhagen and has 9 offices covering Denmark and 20+ offices internationally with more than 2.300 employees.

The partnership with Zero Carbon combines deep technical and commercial know-how in order to help companies achieve sustainable competitiveness. Zero Caron was initated to help meet the increasing demands of sustainable transformation among and and medium sized companies and the primary goal is to implement efficient CO2 reductions in the full manufacturing process including supply chain. 


Our mission is to ensure that manufacturing companies are driven towards a carbon neutral or carbon positive process, ensuring a strong global competitive position, export growth deployment and increased profitability for re-investments.

We work closely together with manufacturing companies in a structured and action-driven process, providing the individual company with

  • Methodology
  • Competence
  • Leadership
  • Action planning

Our mission is aligned with the overall political target of reaching a 70% CO2 reduction by 2030. See the menu CHALLENGE to read more about the 13 Danish climate partnerships and how it will affect the business industries in Denmark. 


Zero Carbon Industrial Competence will take responsibility of solving the full Zero Carbon competitive process.

We deliver TECHNICAL, COMMERCIAL and CAPITAL solutions within:

  • Data and CO2 documentation
  • Optimizing current business systems
  • Strategy and action planning
  • Business development 
  • Scale-up capital and financing
  • Growth and Internationalization
  • Capital and Financing


Our key clients within the manufacturing industry in Denmark, Scandinavia and North Europe are:

  • Manufacturers of machinery, tools and equipment
  • Manufactures of components and building material for the building industry
  • Electrification systems for the transport and logistics industry
  • Suppliers of systems for circular economy

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